Milestones of Achievements

Year Description
  • 2015
Received Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards 2015, Most Promising Category
Outstanding & Exemplary Achievements in Entrepreneurship.
  • 2014
Promising SME 500, Top Business Luminary.
  • 2014
Asia Pacific Brands Awards (APBA).
  • 2011
Awarded the Successfully Entrepreneur by GRC Press Holdings.
  • 2009
2009 International Quality Crown Award London.
  • 2008
Installed the Most Open System Projects in the last few years for the Building Industry in Singapore.
  • 2008
Awarded the Market Leader for the Building Automation System in Singapore by Frost & Sullivan Inc.
  • 2007
eSwitch, Quantum Subsidiary awarded the Best Performer by Schneider Electric.
  • 2005
Awarded the Most Innovative Company by the Singapore Industrial Automation Association.
  • 2005
eSwitch, Quantum Subsidiary was awarded Top 10 Partner by Clipsal.
  • 2005
Brought in the first Power Line Carrier Technology into the Singapore Home Automation Market.
  • 2004
Started the Asian Institute of Intelligent Buildings (Singapore Chapter) in Singapore.
  • 2002
Awarded by Echelon Inc. the top Performing System Integrater in Asia Pacific.
  • 2001
Installed the first Open System Lonworks Project in Singapore.
  • 1998
The first to introduce Open System ( Lonworks ) into the Singapore Building Industry Market place.
The adoption of Open System became the default requirement by the industry from 2005.