Quantum Automation provides a single source solution for environmental control, automation, life-safety and energy management systems for the commercial, institutional and industrial sectors.

Integrated and Intelligent System

A comprehensive range of energy management systems and services is also available:

  • Energy Audit
  • Energy Conservation Feasibility Studies
  • Plant and Equipment Performance Analysis
  • Recommendations for Energy Savings
  • Guaranteed Savings
  • Energy Conservation Products
  • Cost-in-use Management
  • Turnkey Implementation of Energy Conservation Measures

Service Support and Maintenance

Quantum Automation recognizes the importance of after-sales support in maintaining and enhancing system functionality. It provides services covering the following:

  • Maintenance Contracts for Integrated and Intelligent Systems
  • Maintenance Management
  • Facility Management
  • Centralized Maintenance Monitoring


In meeting its commitment to providing the best in products and services, Quantum Automation believes in the continuous upgrading of its in-house resources.

System Design

Engineers from Quantum Automation are available to provide advice in engineering and project design, to work with owners, consultants and contractors from the project inception stage to devise the best solution for each project.

Project Implementation

Quantum Automation carries out complete installation of the systems which it supplies and ensures proper commissioning for them to function as intended.

Maintenance and Service

Quantum Automation’s performance does not end with the sale. After-sales service is an important aspect of its business. It has a team of experienced service personnel and it carries a stock of mandatory spare parts to provide life-long service for every system it sells.


To maintain leadership in its field, Quantum Automation places strong emphasis on in-house and overseas training for its staff to keep abreast of up-to-date development and to maintain its specialist proficiency in serving its clients. Training at different levels is also provided to its clients to facilitate their maximum utilisation of and benefit from the systems which they have implemented.

System Development

In answering to the needs of its clients and in keeping with technological advances, Quantum Automation pursues development programs on system interface and software enhancement.

CAD & Software Aids

Quantum Automation maintains its competitiveness through investing in CAD system and engineering software programs to improve on its throughput and output quality.