A system of Greater Convenience for Car Owners..

When society become more affluent, the use of personal transport becomes greater. This is a fact of life. In inner city sites, it is only appropriate that all building provide onsite parking for visitors or staff and high-standard public car parks made available within 200 m of the site. With the emphasis now on car park convenience, the onus is on architects and systems integrators to design better car parking systems that allow ease of entry and exit.

The Quantum Car Parking System has clear control procedures for handling incoming and outgoing vehicles. In particular, the QA Cashless Park System PC based management station is a model for the future of Car Park Systems. It is a proven system that provides all the functions for monitoring, control and maintenance of the overall car park operation.

For a Car Park System to be accepted by the people who have to use them, it has to be user-friendly and hassle-free. Quantum Automation is one of the first to make Cashless Car Parking Systems a way of life in its quest for the total convenience of all.