The Quantum Automation Building Operation Service Systems (BOSS)

The Solution to Managing Building Services and Maintenance…
The future of Building Operations Management is here. Quantum Automation has harnessed the benefits from the integration of IT and the Mechanical and Electrical Monitoring of Building to bring about an innovative change in the management of building services and maintenance.

IT and Building User
Information technology or IT has affected building today in a big way. The increasing integration of telephony, data and image communication will not doubt continue at an exponential rate. IT has also certainly revolutionized the way building are designed and constructed scale. Most notably, it is having profound effect in the way building are controlled and monitored.

Building Operation Services System (BOSS)
After considerable research and development in the field of intelligent building management, Quantum is now ready to promote the BOSS concept with building developers and property management companies with an aim to work out an alliance of ideals. BOSS will allow building developers and owners with a much better way of managing building services and maintenance

BOSS Features and Benefits
Investment benefits in building usually rest on the anticipated efficiency gains that will arise from reduced costs of items like energy, maintenance or security. These efficiency gains will further achieve a flexible, adaptable and high technology building that will attract tenants and buyers. The return on investment is thus two-fold; first from the building itself and secondary from tenants and buyers.

BOSS aims to excel with it’s features and benefits. It provide :

  • a reduction of head counts and administration problems. This reduces the manpower problem in a tight labour market
  • peace of mind
  • a reduction of cost for building services and maintenance
  • budget planning and firmed costs
  • efficient maintenance when specialists are engaged
  • energy savings
  • immediate response to trouble – BOSS Center is manned 24 hours
  • customer satisfaction – problems such as power trips or air conditioning failure can be attended to immediately

Optional features include Tenant Utility Metering and Billing as well as an excellent Security and Fire Monitoring of the building. Upon activation of the security or fire alarm, the information will be prompted at the BOSS Center. The information will automatically be sent to our affiliated security company. The BOSS Center operator will verify the alarm and await the report from the security company.

An intelligent building management model provides a responsive, effective and supportive environment within which the owner can achieve its business objectives. Clearly, the BOSS concept is a tool that offers the most comprehensive building management package and value-added benefits to meet rapid changes in technologies. It is a smarter solution based on reliability and response.